The cost is $117 dolars, annual single payment.

Si, contamos con el servicio de GPS para motos, tiene un costo de $132 dolars. El pago es único de manera manual.

GPS for motorcycles have the particularity of being waterproof, on the other hand, GPS for cars are bigger and heavier, so they cannot be installed on a motorcycle.

Yes, we ship to the entire United States.

It works with the motorcycle battery, but it has a “backup battery” with 10 hours of duration in idle and 6 hours in continuous transmission.

It is all included in the $117 dolars, installation, equipment, platform, configuration, manual, training and recharges throughout the year.

That’s right, our system is compatible for both Android and iOS

It is valid for any vehicle that is operational, regardless of the year or the service it performs.

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